Spice 1 ft. 2pac, Scarface & Devin the Dude – Rollin & Smokin

1 12 2010

A sick tune with some old vocals from all of the above artists. This song is a higher quality version of the one released years ago. Spotted at NR

Spice 1 ft. 2pac, Scarface & Devin the Dude – Rollin & Smokin | Usershare


Kids These Days – My Days (Video)

29 11 2010

Kids These Days is a group of talented high school kids. The group consists of a rapper, horns, a female vocalist, and a blues-rock trio. The group is relatively new, as a matter of fact about 18 months new, and are already blowing up. I even heard they opened for Joel Ortiz. Their EP called The Hard Times drops this December. Stay tuned for more of these guys.

KiD CuDi – Mojo So Dope (Video)

29 11 2010

A glimpse of the lifestyle of Kid Cudi. And no, as most of you might think after listening to his last album, it does not involve lines and suicidal thoughts. Cudder is alright. He really is.

Mr. Hudson – Anyone But Him ft. Kanye West (Video)

29 11 2010

New visuals to an old song. Apparently they shot this video in Rome over a year ago, and we are just getting the finished product.

KiD CuDi – Marijuana (Caligula Remix)

28 11 2010

A smooth remix to Cudder’s track off of MOTM II. If you were not satisfied with his original ode to the sticky green, then this one will change your mind.

KiD CuDi – Marijuana (Caligula Remix) | Usershare

B.O.B. – Fuck The Money Ft. Wiz Khalifa

28 11 2010

Wiz spits a couple bars over B.o.B and Asher Roth’s “Fuck The Money”. B.o.B has a mixtape dropping next month. Stay tuned for leaks and such.

B.O.B. – Fuck The Money Ft. Wiz Khalifa | Usershare

MF Doom & Gorrilaz – November Has Come (Video)

27 11 2010

Doom and the Gorrilaz perform their collaboration in Paris