Big Sean & Chip Tha Ripper – 5 ON IT (Video)

6 12 2010

A remake of the song “5 Bucks”


Egyptrixx – Chrysalis Records ft. Trust

4 12 2010

This is my first time hearing Egyptrixx. This track deffinantly has the potential to make you loose your head. Enjoy.

Egyptrixx – Chrysalis Records ft. Trust | Usershare


4 12 2010

A bangin’ track from Joker. This artist’s style is very impressive. He creates the kind of dubstep that is hard hitting, but still easy to listen to. Give this song a listen, you will not be let down.

Joker & TC – IT AINT GOT A NAME | Usershare

Subscape – Chewy Center

3 12 2010

Relax. Take it easy for once an play this song. You wont regret it believe me. This dubstep artist is extremely smooth with the “wobble” effect. In other news, I’v been sick lately, and have been taking time off of school and such. This means i have had the opportunity to relax all day, and do my OG shit. Stay tuned for more. Saw it at the Dubstep Collective

Subscape – Chewy Center | Mediafire

Deadmau5 Vs. Waka Flocka – Animal Hands

2 12 2010

A retarded mash up by DJ Fergie Ferg. I feel like Deadmau5 and Waka Flocka should never be put together. Ever. But somehow Ferg made it work. Saw it at P&P

Deadmau5 Vs. Waka Flocka – Animal Hands | Usershare

Cypress Hill – Light It Up prod. Pete Rock (Video)

2 12 2010

Cypresss. Cop their new album Rise Up. This video was shot at the Best Buy theater in NYC on Halloween, for all my tri-state goonies.

Adrian Champion – Stars & Stripes (Album)

2 12 2010

Hah! This project is beyond ill. Adrian Champion remixes The White Stripes and remasters their songs into hip hop instrumentals. All he did then was add the dope verses of the legends. My favorite track is Cash Run with Biggie and 2 Pac. Listen to that below and download the whole project. Enjoy!

Download Album Here