Jay Electronica – Jazzmataz ft. Tone Treasure

7 12 2010

Now here’s something, Jay Electronica actually making music! And its not bad either. Do you guys remember about a year ago when Jay announced a new mixtape called Act 2, well this track is on it. And it might not be a mixtape anymore. This track is listed on Act 2, the album. Interesting.

Edit: Also interesting, see any similarities between this and this?

Jay Electronica – Jazzmataz ft. Tone Treasure | Usershare


Jay Electronica ft. Jay-Z & The Dream – Shiny Suit Theory

15 11 2010

A new callabo from Jay and Jay. If you didn’t already hear, Jay Electronica signed to Roc Nation. I have always been lacking new music from Electronica. I never thought of him as a consistent artist, it seems like he was never putting out enough work. I have a strong feeling that this is about to change. Jay Electronica is one of the best lyricists in the game and hes deffinantly heading in the right direction with this one. Also, the night Jay Z announced Elect’s signing to Roc Nation, Jay Electronica performed a song called The Announcement which captures the voice of John F. Kennedy. Download that below…

Jay Electronica ft. Jay-Z – Shiny Suit Theory | Usershare

Jay Electronica – The Announcement | Usershare

Source: Nah Right