Kid Cudi – Man On The Moon II: Legend Of Mr. Rager (Album Review)

6 11 2010

Let me start by saying i have always been a fan of Scott Mescudi. I would introduce his songs to my friends who had not caught on yet. I would listen to his tracks, and understand him. When Man On Moon: The End Of The Day dropped it sealed the deal. Every song i heard i would be like dam, i could not relate more. Cudi then went through a sore time. He was facing trouble with addiction, and he could’nt get a grip. His sophomore album reflects this in every aspect. He brings up the overarching topics of addiction and just getting his mind right. If your looking for something similar to A Kid Named Cudi or even his first album, then MOTM II is not for you. If your down with the more dark and psychedelic side of Cudi, then you will listen to this on your L rides and when your zonin’. Tracks to Listen to would be The End (listen below), Ashin’ Kusher, Don’t Play This Song, and Scott Mescudi Vs. The World. Cudi has said that he has lost his interest in rapping, but will be moving on to other shit musically. It’s fine with me, i never thought of Cudi as much of a rapper anyway. You can’t fit him in a box or genre. He’s just a musician. Look For MOTM II on Nov. 9th. I see you Cudi.

Download The Album Here





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