New Cudi! Kid Cudi ft. Cage – Maniac (Unfinished)

8 10 2010

I feel like this song reflects Cudi’s struggle. He had a daughter back in the spring and lost himself. Cudi talks about his struggle with drugs, and whats going on with his life in his recent interview with Comlex magazine. Read the interview here. As I’m hearing new songs from Cudi, im realizing that his music is getting darker and deeper. It just reflects what hes going through. Personally, the dark shit does’nt really reach me but i cant say i don’t like it. Alot of people prefer the old Cudi more than his recent shit. All i know is that i am looking forward to his new album and can’t wait to hear new tracks.
(Download link is the down arrow on the right hand side of the box)

  <span><a href=””>Kid Cudi – Maniac</a> by <a href=”″>lebarker3</a></span&gt;





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11 10 2010

ayo for yayo

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