Undrcrwn’s Quadruple Triple Double

30 09 2010

Famously worn by Asher Roth, Undrcrwn is a street gear company that sells upper body wear that are oriented around music, basketball and Bruce Lee. Were going to focus more on the basketball connoisseur section, specifically the Triple Double Package. You can get one of these Triple Double tees for $26 or get 4 for $20. Expect to see me wearing a couple shirts with one of Ice Cube’s many great lines in It was a Good Day (Although the music video is one for the ages, the remix is too good to miss.) The what I like to call Quadruple Triple Double is a must a cop for every dude trying to save a dollar and get some quick shirts that aren’t from footlocker.

(Play video above and watch this one muted for maximum enjoyment)




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